Web Application Development

Deliver. Accept or reject. Iterate. When working with us, you’ll be in constant contact with our team, accepting or rejecting each feature as it is built. This accountable agile workflow decreases the likelihood of surprises and keeps your project moving along, both on time and on budget.

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Experience. Expertise.

Since we use the interwebs as much as we build it, it is in our nature here at 3T Vietnam Media and Tech JSC to share our awareness of what makes a digital product valuable to users. We are consultants as much as we are technologists and designers. You bring the expertise about your product and we bring our varied experience with web app development.

Focus. Efficiency.

With a sharp focus on your project’s scope, we humanize complex feature requirements with simplified, scalable functionality and elegant user experiences. Our team of engineers works in pairs and follow test driven development practices, allowing for continuous development flow, excellent code quality, and reduced development time. We build with your business goals in mind.


Mobile App Development

Transparency and open dialogue define the 3T Vietnam Media and Tech JSC process. Working together allows for flexibility in the face of changing business needs. Each part of your mobile app is realistically considered in terms of complexity and importance, ensuring that you go to market with your most essential features, as soon as possible.

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Compatible. Extensible.

There are lots of ways to go mobile, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. We can help you navigate choices like iOS, Android and HTML5, and make the best choices for users and business goals alike. 3T Vietnam Media and Tech JSC also crafts custom APIs, which seamlessly integrate mobile products into your existing architecture.

Accountable. Modern.

Applications from 3T Vietnam Media and Tech JSC are built with a mind towards the future. With our user-centric design and innovative technical knowledge, we have the mobile app development skills necessary to help clients achieve ideal product outcomes while being accountable to project budgets and timelines.

Mobile Dev.

UX Design

Creating an app that is intuitive and easy to use is much harder than it looks. Our services to design includes you. With research, storyboarding and wireframes, we’ll work to establish the look, feel and function of the app to best support the goals of the product. UX/UI is an important part of the dev process and we never forget it.

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Thoughtful. Measured.

At 3T Vietnam Media and Tech JSC, UX/UI is tightly integrated with development because design done in a void is bad for everyone. We find it invaluable to share in the process between client, developer and designer. That’s why we work with you to figure out how your application should look,work, and feel. UX, UI and aesthetics converge in the best way when business logic, developer input and design are appropriately considered.

Iterative. Consistent.

Our goal is to provide a winning experience for the end user. We care and are interested in understanding, exploring and committing to the necessary research to bring about the most effective presentation of your product. Our agile practices reinforce incremental checks and balances that make sure each design effort is done with the product (and budget) in mind.

Our Team stands up, and represents

Development Consultation

As your business grows, the time may come to build your own internal dev team. We can help you find the right people, introduce them to the ins-and-outs of your code base and then train them in our agile methodology. We’re also happy to pair with any developers that you might be considering hiring in order to assess whether their skills match your needs. Consider us your friend in the dev business.

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Best Practices. Insights.

3T Vietnam Media and Tech JSC is an award-winning software consultancy specializing in advanced JavaScript, Ruby, and HTML5. We love to share our best practices with internal teams, leverage the latest technology and help clients and developers understand the business implications of their tech decisions. Take advantage of our experience. Our client work speaks volumes about our competencies.

Instructive. Informative.

Why should you learn from 3T Vietnam Media and Tech JSC? Get instruction from software consultants who speak and instruct nationally and internationally; we'll deep dive into theory with ample time for hands-on pair programming; we train other development teams and consultancies how to write better code; and we use the skills we teach – every day, as we build custom apps for clients.

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